Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If I Need a Tool, I'll Get One From My Shed

Running on the treadmill is pretty boring, but I try and make the best of it. I have my iPod, and the many televisions if I want to watch pictures roll by, or the front windows that I can look out of. The treadmills look out over the rest of the gym, so I have the opportunity to people watch too.

I saw a trainer a few weeks back who had a 50-something balding, slightly overweight client. The client sat down at a shoulder press machine. For the first few reps, the trainer limited the ROM of the client. While he was doing this, he was staring out into space somewhere. When the trainer was done with this, the client did full ROM reps while the trainer backed away about 6 feet from the client and again, stared out into space. It looked like the trainer had no interest in working with the client. The client is paying this guy to train him, and it looked like he wouldn't even give him the time of day.

More recently, I watched an off-duty trainer in the free weights area. He was at a squat bar and doing all these "stretches" that looked more like he was posing. I don't use the term very often, but man, what a tool. His body language said that he was full of himself.

And these are the kinds of people who I was going to train with? No thanks.

ANOTHER Message From Harmony

So Harmony called again yesterday. I admire her for her persistence, but that's it. She said that she's got great fitness coordinators just waiting for me to come in and she wants to offer me another free session. Okay, time out. When did get my first free session? Was that the 10 minutes she spent with me doing an example workout the first time I went to see here? I hardly consider that a session. She also said that she hasn't seen me in the gym lately. She must not have her eyes open; I was in there towards the end of last week and she walked right passed me. I deleted the message and won't be calling back. She has to give up at some point, right?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Second Run Workout

So I started with the new running plan last week. I'm doing these workouts on the treadmill right now. My first workout was last Tuesday, and it went well. This past Monday was a repeat of last week's workout -

Brisk 5 minute warm-up
Run for 60 seconds
Walk for 90 seconds
Repeat for 20 minutes (25 minutes total)

I felt better the second time around. The running flew by quicker than before, and I felt like I could probably pick up the pace. I'll probably skip the third workout, which is the same as before, and move to the next set of times.

Added to my running days is lifting. It was arms the first time, and legs this past Monday. As I was changing leg machines, I heard a screechy voice nearby: "Hey girl! How are you feeling today?" It was Harmony, and thankfully that's all she said to me as she sped on by to go beat someone into a PT contract. Whew! That was the only part of my workout that I didn't like. Hehehe.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Running Plan Not Working

Running is where I am the weakest, so I've been easy on myself to prevent frustration. I have a marathon book whose plan starts with someone who is able to run 20 minutes at a time. I learned quickly that I am not one of those people, and while I was a little discouraged, I've never had running endurance so it wasn't a total surprise. So in order to get started on that plan, I needed to get myself to being able to run 20 minutes. It's been brute force trying to get myself there, and it just wasn't working. After about 15 minutes, I have so many cramps between my neck and waist that I have to start walking.

So I talked with Kristin. I don't know if I've introduced her yet. She's a brainiac like me, and has lots of sports/training knowledge. I go to her for suggestions about my training, injuries, and all other stuff like that. She usually bounces things off me too. She suggested I try the couch-to-5k training plan. I did a quick Google search, and came up with this plan:

I also talked with my hair stylist, who is a runner, and she said I should try the same thing. They must know something I don't!

Some plans require a track or measuring distance, neither of which I wanted to deal with. I much preferred a time-based plan because I can use it on a treadmill or on the road without having to switch between a distance and time workout. I need to make things easy for me because a complicated training plan isn't going to get me motivated to do it. Maybe later, but not now. Maybe not even later.

So, I'm working through the new plan now. I'm one workout into it, and it went well. I cramped up only during the last 60 second run phase, and it was just a minor cramp, so that's a good sign. I'll become a runner yet.

Harmony is Singing My Tune

I got a call from Harmony (GM of Body of Change at LA Fitness) last week. Apparently she has a great promotion and immediately thought of me when she learned of it. Uh huh. She thought of me because she hasn't been able to get me to sign up to a 12 month contract. I won't be calling back Ms. Dolce and Gabbana Glasses.