Monday, July 28, 2008

Hagerstown Sprint Recap

Saturday night brought fitful sleep, but at 4:30a my alarm went off and I started prepping for the race. Mentally I was far from being ready; it made me nervous. I could have easily gone downstairs and folded laundry and not have missed racing that day. But, I got myself ready.

At 5:15a, I hit the road to Hagerstown. I wasn't able to find my bike computer, but since I had another one, I hoped that it would suffice. I didn't have my usual Basmati rice for the pre-event feed, so I grabbed very stale Ritz. The ride up was uneventful, and I hit the park around 5:45a, grabbing a prime parking spot right near check-in and the transition area. I checked-in, got my body markings, and grabbed my bike so I could pick out a rack spot. I took my time setting everything up at my transition area since the race meeting wasn't until 6:45a, and I knew I would be sitting around quite a bit after that.

The race meeting came and went, and I got all my questions answered. I was all sit around. I was about 227 people into the swim, and figuring that I'm an average swimmer at an 8 minute swim time, I had 2.5 hours before I would hit the pool (turns out I was pretty close; I hit the pool around 2:20). The weather at 7a, when the first swimmers hit the pool, was great. At 9:30a, the sun was out and it was humid. Yuck.

Kristin and Jeff came out to support me, and I got to chat with them a bit before I got called over to stand in the swim line. It was awesome that they came out. The woman next to me in line was doing her first triathlon and had fear and nerves written all over her face. She was my lane buddy for the swim, and I told her to do the race at her pace - whatever made her comfortable. And then it was our turn. We jumped into the water and had about 20 seconds to get ready. The water took my breath away (they had had a hail storm the night before), but I quickly warmed up to it and was ready to go. 3, 2, 1, go! After lap 2 I lost count, and that wasn't the best thing. At lap 3 I was expecting the one-to-go notice, but didn't get it. And then at lap 4 I didn't get it. I felt like I was swimming forever. At lap 5 I got the call, and was greatful to be almost be done. The water in my right eye google was annoying me the whole swim. I probably pushed a little harder than I would have liked, but remembering back to my swim in 2005, this was much better. I got out of the pool and headed for the transition area. I finally started my watch since I had forgotten at the start of the swim. Oops!

Socks, shoes, gloves, sunglasses, helmet, kiss for Jeff, and go. It took about 10 minutes to be rid of the disorientation of the swim and transition and finally relax into the bike. I was very aware of the sun being out since there was little to no shade on the ride. I now wondered if I had enough liquid. Turn after turn, mile after mile. I was passed by four people, and passed four, so I had a net of zero on the ride. Woo hoo! I pushed the last quick mile into the park and was back where I started 11.5 miles before.

Switch shoes, gu and water, gloves off, helmet off, number on, off again. I'm beat. I make it out of the transition area and grab a few walking moments to gather myself. I skip the 0.8 mile water stop since no one is handing out anything and I felt fine. Walking a little more. I see some spectators, so I pick up the pace. Kristin and Jeff are there, and Jeff wants the kiss that he didn't get at the transition. We succeed in exchanging a smooch without bashing faces while I'm running and he's standing still. How cute! I run to the next water stop, grab some water, and walk until I'm finished with the drink. Then I'm running again, but walking up the hills. Walk through the next water stop at 2 miles; 1.1 miles to go. I'm now mostly running, but grabbing a few moments of walking when my breathing becomes very labored. I walk through the final water stop at 2.5 miles and set off to finish the race. I have to grab a few moments walking to catch my breath shortly thereafter, but with the cheering on by another runner, I gather myself and head for the finish.

I finish strong, but I'm really beat (duh!). I get my bottle of water and sip it. Kristin and Jeff meet me at the finish and I get a hug and a kiss from Jeff. I'm about ready to rip my shoes off my feet. I don't, but instead I gather everything from the transition area and start heading to the car for the ride home. I did it - my first race since 2005 and I finished. Yay!

Lessons learned:
- Register early for this race
- Analyze my nutrition more closely, especially for the pre-race meal and bike
- No events the evening before (family thing this time); this should be prep time
- Heat does terrible things to my run; adjust accordingly (as I did)

Once I get my swim split and rankings, I'll add them here.

Update (08/02/08):
Well, between my cycling computer and the official splits, I have my times (they missed my bike end time which mucked up my bike time and T2 time). And here are the results:

Swim - 0:08:37 (300 m)
T1 - 0:01:32
Bike - 0:40:22 (11.5 miles)
T2 - 0:02:45
Run - 0:35:18 (3.1 miles)
Total - 1:28:34.2 (10.02 mph)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Bike/Run Brick

My first race of the season is in 4 days, so I figured that it was about time I did a bike/run brick to (hopefully) build confidence. I planned a 10 mile out-and-back bike ride and a 3 mile out-and-back run before work to make logistics easy. At 4:30a my alarm went off and it was tough getting up (I usually get up at 5:30a). But I rolled out of bed and got on the road.

The bike went fine, and as it turns out there's a great 5 mile out turn-around, so that was perfect. I wore my triathlon suit to do a test ride/run (I wore this suit in 2005) since I was particularly concerned with the thin layer of padding in the shorts as compared to my usual well-padded parts. The first 100m or so was a little tough as I wasn't sure I was actually going to be able to sit on my saddle, but after that I was all warmed up and had no issue sitting comfortably.

The "transition" was quick, and I was running within 2 minutes of getting off the bike. My ride was flat and quick, just like Sunday's race, and my legs felt fine coming off the bike. The problem I had was with my heart rate being a little high. It was a little humid this morning so I was up a couple of beats, and at 190 bpm I found it hard to keeping running. After walking for around 2 minutes, my HR came down and I got back to running. At the halfway mark, I was feeling stressed again, so I walked another 2 minutes or so and felt much better, and was able to finish out the run.

Overall I felt that this was a successful brick (I finished it after all!). While I did have to walk twice, it helped me overall because I was able to run longer and more comfortably. The numbers broke down like this:

10 mile bike - 35:54.6
Transition - 1:41.3
~3 mile run - 38:24.2

180 avg HR
194 max HR

I Could Have Been A Statistic

All your life you get harassed - if you have siblings, it's from a brother or sister; in school - a bully, or maybe the popular kids if you're not one; as a teenager - parents. But then you become an adult and the harassment goes away, right? Wrong.

My accomplishment today (I'll write about that later) has been forever tarnished by what happened while I was out on the trail. I was in the run portion of my bike/run brick, on my way in on an out-and-back. There are usually several Hispanic young men who I see riding their bikes on the trail when I'm out, and I always look straight ahead and keep on running (the benefit of cycling on the trail is that I'm going much faster so my interaction is very little). I usually get a creepy longing stare I see out of the corner of my eye or a quick "hello" from these particular guys. The iPod makes it easy to ignore any remarks, though the music is low or not playing so I do hear them. A quick aside...

Anytime I'm out alone cycling, but more so for running, I'm always keeping an eye on the situation around me. I'm a confident young woman and I project that when I'm out. I generally don't make eye contact (I need to research and see if this is a good thing to be doing) with others unless I get a friendly greeting, and sometimes not even then. I consider every person a possible attacker and that keeps me on edge with my brain always thinking about where I am and what I would do to get away. I don't care what color your skin is or your gender, you could be an attacker. Back to my story...

So one of these young guys rides by me. About 100m down the trail he twists around on his bike, still rolling forward. I figure he's going for another look at me (pig). He twists back around and keeps going. Little did I know that his buddy was slowing down to interact with me. It went something like this:

[Young man slows down on his bike, although I don't know this since he's coming up from behind. I don't have my iPod since I'm training as I'll run on Sunday]

YM: Hey baby, whatcha doing?
W: (no answer, staring straight ahead)
YM: Hey, whatcha doing?
W: I'm out running, now keep on moving. (said with confidence)
YM: (says something else)
W: Keep on moving. (said with confidence)

The young man rolls away, albeit slowly; I think I'm in the clear, but I've already noticed that I don't see anyone on the trail in front of me and I'm not in a residential section of the trail. About 25 m down the trail I see him pull out his cell phone. I now think he's calling his buddies to intercept me further down the trail and I don't have my cell phone on me. I'm in serious trouble. After his call he turns back around and starts heading in my direction. Great.

YM: Hey honey.
W: (no answer)
YM: Hey honey. I know you.
W: (no answer)

He rolls on away from me and I don't look back. Shortly after the interaction I hit a residential section of the trail. Do I bail? No, there are people on the trail in front of me. I'm not counting on them to help me; just to deter an attach. So I keep going. I take the opportunity to look back and he's not there; nor is anyone else. I hit the next residential area; people on the trail ahead so I keep going. Each step felt like an eternity, and I was ever so glad to be back at my car. I relaxed and buried my face in my towel and had a good cry for a few minutes.

I took self-defense from a couple of Kung Fu instructors several years back, then went to their studio and continued my study. So, I'm trained in how to defend myself without the aid of anything, but with this being my first real interaction with a harasser/possible attacker, it really unnerved me. I maybe would have pretended to dial someone when I was first approached, and maybe gone to 911 after I saw him talk on his phone, but an attack occurs within seconds so maybe having my cell phone would have been mute. I feel like my confidence helped me out, but I am still a little shaken up. Why can't I be a 6'2" white male?

Monday, July 14, 2008

BPA and Me

One of the most recent health scares has been bisphenol A (BPA). I'm not the type of person to jump on the out-of-my-mind-with-fear bandwagon and do whatever I hear is the best way to save myself, so I've been considering the sources and doing some of my own research to determine how I feel about the situation.

Anytime I look up research on the internet, I consider who funded the study or who is making the statements to determine their validity and where their opinion may be skewed. For example, take this website:

They state that "Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most extensively tested materials in use today. BPA has been safely used in consumer products and researched and studied for over 40 years." They site research that supports their claims. But go look at the media contact: American Chemistry Council. Hmmm. Would you expect them to say anything other than that BPA is safe? I think not.

Now lets go over to this website:

I consider the NIH a pretty good source of good information. It is the government after all, so maybe there should be some skepticism because of that fact (there were government and non-government scientists on the panel). But, I'll stick with them to find out the truth with BPA. The panel summary says that for adults, there is "negligible concern for adverse reproductive effects following exposures in the general population to bisphenol A" and "for highly exposed subgroups, such as occupationally exposed populations, the level of concern is elevated to minimal". There's more to it than just that as the review of the Board's findings as well as public comments suggested that the type of lab research may not be enough to produce the real story and that the danger maybe be higher than the Board suggested, but it gives you an approximate level of concern.

So what am I going to do with my collection of Nalgene bottles? I'm not going to relegate them all to the trash today. The older ones, which I have read are more prone to leaching BPA, will probably hit the trash in the near future. I've also read that exposing the bottles to high tempertures (either by placing in the dishwasher or putting hot liquids in the them) increases leaching. Since most (or maybe all) of my bottles fit in one or both of those categories (and hence why I did the research), I'll slowly replace my collection with BPA-free bottles. Nalgene makes a new line of bottles made with the Eastman Tritan Copolyester, a BPA-free material, so I'll consider going down that road. I like the weight of PC as well as the durability, both of which you may not get in metal (but be careful of the type of metal) or glass bottles.

But what will they find wrong with Tritan in 10 years time (a question from Jeff, the eternal realist)?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Races for 2009

Even though I'm in the middle of training this year, I need to start looking ahead to next year because registration is starting to open (and close!) for some of the larger events. Many of my triathlon club buddies are competing in races this year, and based on their race reports, I'm going to look into those same races for 2009. So, I'll use this post to track what others have done, and the races I have found, and tally a watch list.

05/04/08 - New Jersey Devilman (Cumberland County, NJ) 0.45 mi/23.5 mi/4 mi
05/18/08 - Little Pepper (Culpeper, VA)
06/01/08 - Cascade Lake (Hampstead, MD) 0.31 mi/15 mi/3.1 mi
06/17/08 - Tri-to-Win (Westminster,MD)
06/29/08 - Ladies Y-Tri (York, PA)
08/03/08 - Patriot's Triathlon (Bath, PA) 650m (0.4 mi)/15 mi/3 mi
08/17/08 - Lums Pond (Bear, DE) 0.5 mi/19.5 mi/3 mi
09/07/08 - Delaware Diamond Triathlon (Bear, DE) 0.6 mi/17.5 mi/2 mi
09/14/08 - Marshman (Downington, PA) 0.25 mi/12.5 mi/2 mi
09/28/08 - Cape Henlopen (Lewes, DE) 0.25 mi/14 mi/3.1 mi
10/12/08 - Brierman (Boonsboro,MD) 0.45 mi/21 mi/4.9 mi

05/18/08 - Columbia (Columbia, MD) Olympic
06/28/08 - Escape from Fort Delaware (Delaware City, DE) 1500m/40k/10k
06/29/08 - General Smallwood (Indianhead, MD) 1500m/40k/10k
07/12/08 - Diamond in the Rough (Perryville, MD) 1 mi/27 mi/5 mi
Current and light chop/wind waves, nasty mile 22 hill, flat run
06/29/08 - Spirit of Morgantown (Morgantown, WV) 1500m/40k/6.55 mi
07/20/08 - Suzuki Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) 1500m/40k/10k

08/03/08 - Patriot's Triathlon (Bath, PA) 1300m (0.81 mi)/41 mi/7.6 mi
10/12/08 - Brierman (Boonsboro,MD) 0.85 mi/40 mi/9.3 mi

HALF IRONMAN/70.3 Series
05/04/08 - New Jersey Devilman (Cumberland County, NJ)
07/13/08 - Musselman (Geneva, NY)
Full festival all weekend (Inside Triathlon highlighted as top event)
06/29/08 - Spirit of Morgantown (Morgantown, WV)
07/13/08 - Amica 70.3 (Providence, RI)
07/20/08 - Vineman 70.3 (Sonoma County, CA)
07/27/08 - Newfoundland 70.3 (Corner Brook, Newfoundland)
08/02/08 - Steelhead 70.3 (Benton Harbor, MI)
08/03/08 - Antwerp 70.3 (Antwerp, Belgium)
08/10/08 - Germany 70.3 (Wiesbaden/Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis, Germany)
08/17/08 - Timberman 70.3 (Gilford, NH)
09/07/08 - Delaware Diamond Triathlon (Bear, DE)
09/07/08 - Monaco 70.3 (Monaco, Spain)
09/07/08 - Singapore 70.3 (Singapore, Malaysia)
09/14/08 - Brasil 70.3 (Penha, SC Brazil)
09/14/08 - Muskoka 70.3 (Huntsville, Ontario, Canada)
09/21/08 - Cancun 70.3 (Cancun, Quintana Roo, México)
10/05/08 - Longhorn 70.3 (Austin, Texas)
11/08/08 - Foster Grant World Championships 70.3 (Clearwater, FL)
Qualification Only
01/18/09 - Cristal 70.3 (Pucon, Chile)
01/18/09 - Spec-Savers 70.3 (Buffalo City, South Africa)
02/08/09 - Snap Geelong 70.3 (Geelong, Victoria, Australia)
04/04/09 - Ford California 70.3 (Oceanside, CA)
04/05/09 - Ochsner 70.3 (New Orleans, LA)
04/19/09 - China 70.3 (Haikou, Hainan, China)
05/03/09 - St. Croix 70.3 (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands)
05/17/09 - Ford Florida 70.3 (Orlando, FL)
05/24/09 - Austria 70.3 (St. Pölten, Vienna)
05/30/09 - Ford Hawai'i 70.3 (Kohala Coast, Hawai'i)
06/??/09 - United Kingdom 70.3 (UK)
06/07/09 - Switzerland 70.3 (Rapperswil-Jona, Lake of Zurich)
06/13/09 - Boise 70.3 (Boise, ID)
06/14/09 - Eagleman 70.3 (Cambridge, MD)
06/14/09 - Kansas 70.3 (Lawrence, KS)
06/28/09 - Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 (Lubbock, TX)
08/16/09 - Lake Stevens 70.3 (Lake Stevens, WA)

07/06/08 - Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman European Championship (Frankfurt, Germany)
07/13/08 - Austria Ironman (Klagenfurt, Austria)
07/13/08 - Switzerland Ironman (Zurich, Switzerland)
07/13/08 - Austria Ironman (Klagenfurt, Austria)
07/20/08 - Ford Ironman USA Lake Placid (Lake Placid, NY)
08/24/08 - Subaru Ironman Canada (Penticton, B.C. Canada)
08/31/08 - Ford Ironman Louisville (Louisville, KY)
09/07/08 - Ford Ironman Wisconsin (Madison, WI)
09/07/08 - Ironman UK Triathlon (Sherborne, Dorset, UK)
10/11/08 - Ford Ironman Championships (Kona, Hawai'i)
11/01/08 - Ford Ironman Florida (Panama City Beach, FL)
11/23/08 - Ford Ironman Arizona (Tempe, AZ)
12/07/08 - Ironman Western Australia Triathlon (Busselton, Australia)
02/28/09 - Lotto Ironman Langkawi Malaysia Triathlon (Langkawi, Malaysia)
03/07/09 - Bonita Ironman New Zealand (Taupo, New Zealand)
04/??/09 - Ironman China (Haikou, Hainan, China)
04/05/09 - Panthers Ironman Australia (Port Macquarie, Australia)
04/05/09 - Spec-Savers Ironman South Africa (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)
05/23/09 - Ironman Lanzarote Canarias (Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain)
05/31/09 - Brasil Telecom Ironman (Florianopolis Island, Brazil)
06/??/09 - Ironman Japan (Goto, Nagasaki)
06/21/09 - Ford Ironman USA Coeur d'Alene (Coeur d'Alene, ID) SOLD OUT
06/28/09 - Ironman France (Nice, France)

Ironman Series
Piranha-Sports Series

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Perfect Storm #2

The clouds have opened up again. Last week I spent two days away from the office (read: away from the gym) in software training, then five days working on the house in preparation for a special event on the 12th. Jeff and I ran on the 1st so it wasn't totally a dry week. Then this week I've been super busy (read: not getting enough sleep) with special event preparations because I'm getting on a plane in a few hours and heading across the country until Friday early-evening. This trip for work could not have come at a worse time. I'm spending more time in airports and on a plane then I will at the actual meeting. Ugg. Then with the event on Saturday and having to work on Sunday, I won't be riding this weekend. I'll probably get a day off later in the week next week, but I'm not sure that I want to be in the high-traffic areas of my ride on a weekday. I'll have to put on my cojones if I do, or shorten/change the route if I don't.

Sometimes life just really irritates me, but at least I'm living it. At least this will only be a two week dry spell; I have a race on the 27th and I don't want to perform at it like I did in the 5K.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Normal is Boring

Kristin sent me a link a few weeks back about someone else who strives to be different. Her name is Roz Savage and rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean wasn't good enough for her, so she decided to row solo across the Pacific Ocean, which is what she's up to right now. You can read all about her adventures here. She decided that her day-to-day life wasn't what she wanted it to be, so she left it all behind and set sail.

I'm not sure how my century ride measures up to what Roz is doing, but I suppose it's a start. It's not only a physical journey, but psychological and emotional as well. When I stood at the start line last year, I had a moment of trepidation as I knew 100 miles lay in front of me with unknown consequences and rewards. One mile at a time I rolled along and several hours later I shed a tear as I completed my first century. I currently have my next "crazy" goal of completing an Ironman. But what after that? I heard raising kids is pretty insane. ;O) Maybe another century or four, or maybe a double century? Many people complete a century, but fewer ride a double. May the Death Valley double. Yikes! Put me in a straight jacket and save me from myself!

I chatted with Kristin after she sent me that link, and we decided that we would be each others right-hand woman for something crazy. It's much more fun to share something insane with someone else, and Kristin is the best person for me. We're loosely thinking of riding across the United States on our bikes. We'll have to have a purpose - something to raise money for and make people aware of. We'll need a SAG wagon, and we'll have to meet as many people along the way as we can. There will be a website for blogging and tracking our journey. Plus plenty of other logistical things that I haven't even begun to considered. It's a thought somewhere on the back burner. Kristin needs to get healthy, and we'll need to be sick of our jobs. In due time.

Friday, July 04, 2008

VidaOne Two Three

I began to wonder, with all the working out I was doing (or at least imagined I was doing), why I was seeing little change in my body other than a few extra muscle lines. Kristin recommended a program for my Dell Axim X50v, so I thought I would give it a try. It's the VidaOne MyPersonalDiet software (I also purchased the VidaOne Diet and Fitness for my laptop so I could sync everything in case I lost one of my systems). It's all right, but I've noticed a few bugs. I think I'll keep a running list here, and then send them all to Tech Support at some point down the line. Feel free to skip that section since it's probably boring until you have the program.

For the overall picture, I have entered a diet goal to be 7.2 pounds lighter than my weight on 06/23/08 (137.2 lb) for race day, 09/07/08. I figured it's something simple to shoot for. I'm already OCD enough with weighing out my foods and tracking what I can; I don't need something else like losing lots of weight to drive me to insanity. What I found after tracking myself for a few days is that I'm eating enough to sustain, not to lose weight. So, I need ease up on the food a bit, and exercise more. More of the exercising more thing than the eating less thing.

(1) If I enter 8.4 or 8.9 into the Total Carbs category, it turns into 8.400001 and 8.900001, respectively. If I enter 9.4 into the Calcium category, it turns into 9.400001.
(2) After entering a diet goal, I had a message that said "Congratulations, you have gained 0.2 lb and are on track with your diet...". My goal was to lose weight so this is definitely NOT what I was looking to be congratulated on.
(3) When starting on Jun 28, 2008 on the Health Record screen and using the right blue arrow, I jumped to Saturday Feb 06, 2106 then Thursday Jan 01, 1970 then Monday Jun 23, 2008. This is a result of having a Health record entered on 02/06/2106 (not me!) and no Health record on 01/01/1970. There were no Health records entered after 06/28/08 at this point, and there had been a syncing error recently (see 4)
(4) Currently I can't sync the Health records between my computer and handheld due to a database issue and runtime error. I reported this to Tech Support 07/04/08.
(5) When I choose to display my body fat "From state of diet", "Past 30 days (by week)", "Past 3 months (by week)", "Past 6 months (by week)", or "Last month" it says -1.8%, but the graph points show an increasing slope.
(6) When adding a food and adding the nutrients, if I choose to edit Calcium (at the bottom of the scroll bar), the bar that shows which nutrient I'm editing will jump down to Iron and remain there until I enter the number I want and choose another nutrient, at which point the bar will jump back up to Calcium. The number gets entered correctly, but the jumping bar is an issue.
(7) If I scroll too fast across the screen, the display gets jumbled (words mashed together). I have to exit and reenter that screen to correct the issue.
(8) Looking at a graph of my Calorie intake from 07/04/08: "The goal is to lose 332 cal and you lost 306. The goal is met at this moment." Eh, not really. What is the tolerance on the number of calories? Apparently at least 16.

(1) I saw a diet result saying "You have gained 0.0 lb since you started your diet...". I neither gained nor lost weight, so this message should read differently.
(2) There is no way to browse the foods in the library without adding a meal or editing one already entered.
(3) You can't change the time of an entry after it's entered. If you goof on the A/P character, this means you have to delete the whole entry and start over.
(4) There is no way to delete the foods that came with the program. Chances are that I'm not going to eat many of these so I'd like to make the food list as short as possible (consider giving the user the option to import these foods or starting clean).
(5) I can only track: Calories, Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrates, Protein, Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorus; what about all the other vitamins and minerals out there?
(6) The diet results are summarized, but they don't always say over what interval ("On average..." over what period?). I'd like to see these explicitly written out.
(7) After choosing a date and time for a meal, if you go back to edit the meal, you cannot edit those fields. Thankfully I've only done it a few times, but it's annoy to have to delete a meal because it was at 12:30A instead of 12:30P.
(8) The serving sizes include conversions into ounces which don't always apply. For example, 1 cup IS 8 fl oz, but a cup of lettuce is NOT 8 oz. This is an issue when nutrients are entered, specifically fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and the resulting calorie count is heavier than the ounces of the serving. The program MAKES you change something, which means that the serving size isn't necessarily what you want it to be.
(9) I'd like the option of the serving size to be # "something"; 1 roll, 1 slice, etc. I've been reduced to using 1 ounce (of 1 cup, 1 liter), then including in the notes that 1 ounce/cup/liter = 1 piece of sushi, for example.

3.1 Down, 10 to Go

Running outside is much better than in the gym. Well, for the most part; in the gym I don't get whistled at, but that's what my iPod is for. Jeff has been doing some running in recent weeks to help out with his soccer endurance, and he's asked me if I wanted to go. Knowing that my recent running has been lackluster, I've told him to go without me.

On June 27th I went out for a run. Again, it was the hottest day of the week like my June 10th run. I was trying to think more positively, so instead of "I'm not a runner" it was "I can do this". I was able to sustain 2 miles, followed by 0.5 miles of walking to relieve cramps, followed by another mile of running. It wasn't much compared to where I need to be, but it was something and it ignited my belief that yes, I can do this. The next day I hit the road for a 28.5 mile ride, and boy was I hurting that night from those two workouts. It was a good hurt though.

On Tuesday Jeff asked me if I wanted to hit the road with him. With my recent success, I said "sure" and that I wanted to do a 5K. He planned out a route and off we went. Mile 1 came and went. At mile 2 I was feeling my "mile 2 cramps" although less severe than before, and I was able to run through those. We had the option of taking a street near the house, or one a block over; I opted for a block over because I didn't want the temptation to turn home. Mile 2.5 came and went and the end was in sight. Neither of us could remember if the route had been 3.1 miles (we were guessing 3.03 miles), so we turned towards the house and ran past it (oh the pain!) to the end of our block. And 3.16 miles were in the books.