Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bike To Work Day 2009

My goal for this year was to ride the full trip from home to work instead of the shortened ride that I usually take in. This would have been 50 miles round trip instead of the usual 22 miles. Unfortunately the weather had something to say about making that trip.

It had been raining for several days prior to BTWD and the ferry had been closed due to the high water line. The weather cleared up a couple of days before BTWD, but the water level hadn't come down enough and the ferry remained closed. Oh well. We're going to try and reschedule the trip and we'll make sure that it's a nice sunny day.

I needed to get going quickly after work, so I decided to do a slightly different trip this year: Herndon and back. One of my coworkers lives 4 miles from work so I decided to ride out to meet him, then ride back in together. He appreciated the company and I didn't mind it either. We had a nice ride and celebrated with everybody in the area.

It was "neat" that this was not my first ride of the season, and not even the second. I feel like I have at least a cycling leg up this year.