Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week Eight - Twentysix of Twentynine

The last several days have been rough. Wednesday's run was kind of awful. I felt like an elephant on the treadmill and my lungs just hurt. I was so glad to be done after my last nine minute run period. I thought about the dinner I had had the night before and the morning's events, but nothing stood out as being detrimental to working out (unlike eating watermelon for dinner). So, I chalked it up to just a bad run and moved on.

I had a few windows for getting my weekend run in, but I didn't make it. On Sunday I was planning on going after work, but my mental and physical state were such that I wasn't feeling like a run. I was starving and on the order of an anxiety attack, so I decided to take care of myself first. By the time I felt good enough to run, it was dark outside.

Monday and Tuesday were work-centric. I didn't find the time before or after work to get in a run, and my mental state was not favorable for running anyway so it was just bad all around. This morning I made some time to get a run in, so I'm feeling better about things. This week took a jump from 9min/1min, repeat three times to 13min/2min, repeat twice. I was worried that the additional 4 minutes of running was going to be a bear, but it wasn't. I felt almost as good at minute one as I did at minute 26. This running thing isn't so bad.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Registering Fool

I have been registered for the Market Street Mile for some time now, and decided that I needed to schedule the rest of my races to make sure I had something to look forward to (and to train for once I complete the ten week training program). I am now also registered for the Pink Ribbon 5k, Urbana Wicked Fast 5k, and Way Station Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k.

I made the mistake of registering for the Urbana race before deciding if I wanted to race the Run Through the Grapevine 8k the following day. Maybe that is a sign that I should stick with 5k's this fall and wait until the spring to race something longer. Or not; what kind of sign is that? If things go well next month, I may push and do both that weekend. There's also a 10k I'm keeping my eye on in December that I may do instead. Right now I'm feeling like I need something longer, and a 10k would be a great way to go into next season if I want to start doing Olympic-length triathlons.

There's no turning back now. I'm registered for the races and once I broadcast my running schedule to family and friends, I'll have all the pressure (and then some) to do my best.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week Seven - Twentythree of Twentyfive

One week after praying to the porcelain gods, I'm back on track. About Wednesday of last week my stomach was generally back to normal, although I stayed away from spicy flavors and stuck to milder meals for most of the week. The problem was, even though everything felt better from the stomach up, from the stomach down I was in knots. That finally cleared up over the weekend and I was able to get back to running.

Today's run felt like a usual Monday morning run - a bit tougher than later in the week since the time spent running was greater, but nothing I couldn't handle. I had a few mild cramps, but was able to run through them. The one minute rest in between goes quickly, but I'm supposed to be working towards running 30 minutes continuously, so it makes sense that I'm phasing out the walking periods. I was worried about losing too much fitness from being sick, but it looks like I held on to it. I don't plan on taking a week off like that again, though. No more getting sick!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Greatest Diet Ever

I have just found the greatest diet ever - food poisoning! Yay! After eating a delicious dinner of duck, potatoes, green beans, salad, and biscuits, prepared mostly by Jeff (the salad came from his parents who had dinner with us), I found my stomach to be a hair upset, but nothing terrible. The fun started a few hours later.

I awoke from a nap on the couch and headed to the bathroom where I promptly revisited my dinner. I had some wicked stomach cramps and felt like I had been run over by a bus. After that session with the toilet, I went to bed. I really can't say that I slept because the nauseousness and cramps woke me up every hour or so.

The next morning I dragged myself out of bed around 9a; I needed a change in scenery. I hit the couch and curled up in the fetal position with a glass of water. Knowing that I was headed down the path of severe dehydration, I knew I needed to drink something, but even the water was rocking the boat. After about two hours of sipping water and upsetting my stomach more and more, I knew what I needed to do. Once Jeff was clear of the bathroom, I went in with my glass of water, took a couple of big gulps, and waited for the fireworks to fire off. I (re)revisited the remainder of my dinner and immediately started feeling better. The remainder of my day was spent eating Cheerios, sipping Coke, and eating a little chicken noodle soup when I got brave at the end of the day. I spiked a fever around 101ºF in the afternoon and treated my migraine, after which I started feeling more like myself again.

The next morning, out of curiosity, I shuffled onto the scale and found that I was about 2.5 pounds down from my most previous weight (about a week old). And after what little I've been able to stomach today, I'm probably still about that weight. And I'm not sure if tomorrow is going to be any better since I'm still feeling pretty crapping this evening.

While this has been "great" on the weight side of things (and really, I'm not advocating food poisoning as a weight loss program), it has hindered my running program. My body is so twisted in knots that I can't even thinking about running without wincing in pain. I'm hoping I'll feel good enough to run tomorrow, but I need to get some food and liquid on board if I'm going to have any success of surviving a workout without passing out. I certainly wasn't planning on this in my schedule.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Week Six - Twenty of Twentyone

I'm running on all cylinders now and have found the zone. My first taste was Sunday after work when I hit the gym. I was watching the World Championships from Belin and Usain Bolt was running in the 4 x 100m relay. I also saw the world record get broken in the women's pole vault, and the men's 5000m. The closed captioner was absolutely terrible; I realize that there are a lot of international names, but they were screwing up the English too. But I wasn't concentrating on that; I was watching the races. I found myself not focusing on the time I was running, but on something else that allowed me to relax while running. And relaxing made running easier which made relaxing easier.

Monday gave me a better taste of the zone. I focused on a street sign across the parking lot from the gym. And a street lamp that was still on. I found the surrounding area of my vision become fuzzy and only the sign or the lamp was clear. I didn't notice the people around me or the others walking in the gym. That was until the clucking hens showed up.

A woman parked herself on the treadmill next to me (there were at least a dozen empty treadmills at the time). A little strange, but fine, maybe she wanted to watch the television program that was on that particular set. Then right before my last run session her friend showed up. Since the first woman was to my left, and her friend was to her left, the louder of the two friends (the one furthest left) had to face me to talk to her friend. I cranked up my music but my concentration was already broken. I got through the last run session, but it was not nearly as successful as the first two. I'm not ready to deal with having to drown out others so close to me; maybe in a couple of weeks, but not now. But I'm getting there, which is great.