Sunday, January 23, 2011

Susan G. Komen 3-Day

I saw a television advertisement last week about the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For the Cure Walk.  I decided to check them out online and found out that they hold informational meetings to provide information about the walk, and specifics about the local walk.  I signed up for a meeting that was held yesterday and had no intention of signing up when I walked in (yep, you can see where this is going).

I have not been touched by breast cancer specifically, but I have lost too many family members to cancer, so the meeting was very touching for me when listening to the stories of survival and inspiration.  The fund raising requirement of $2300 does not make me nervous one bit; the walk isn't for eight months so I have plenty of time to raise the funds.  The thought of walking amongst a sea of pink is exciting.  I was never a lots-of-pink kind of girl, but I do enjoy wearing a piece of pink clothing now and again.  And that same sea of pink is going to be full of women and men walking for themselves, for their family, for their friends, and for people who they have never met.  I'm sure plenty of tears and reflection will present over the three days.  As for the mileage, I've accomplished a half-marathon and a century so I'm confident that I can train for 60 miles over three days

I ended up signing up for the Washington, DC walk at the end of the meeting.  The final "straw" was when I found out that I could change walk locations if necessary.  After the meeting I contacted a girlfriend in Colorado about doing the walk, and thought that we might do a more central location if she wants to do it.  My excuse for not signing up was that I would have to do this first before registering, but since this was already an option, my excuse list was cut to zero.  So that was that.  And I have no regrets.

I suppose that since I will be entering a new decade this year, I'd also like to make sure that I'm making an impact on the world.  September is my birthday month so if I hold to the Washington, DC walk it will be doubly special for me.

If you wish to make a donation, please go to my personal 3-Day website.  I'm still working on putting the personal touches on it since my registration is less than 24 hours old.  And please, forward on my link to anyone that you know.  Thanks.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

One 2011 Race Scheduled

About three and a half weeks ago, myself and two friends put in our registration for the Warrior Dash in Mechanicsville.  Last year I was considering the same race in October, but they moved it up to PA so I missed out.

The Warrior Dash is a different kind of race.  There are twelve obstacles between the start and finish lines and there are ropes and mud involved.  I'll have to find an outfit to wear that doesn't include anything I hope to get clean afterward, especially the shoes.  I am thrilled that I have friends to do it with me; I usually train alone and race alone, which gets a little lonely.  This year I'll become a Warrior!

This is the first race in hopefully a full schedule this year.  I have to be careful with the first four months of the year because of work, but after that it's a free for all!