Friday, May 06, 2011

Pre-Race Evening

Just in case you're not an avid reader of my blog, last post's reference to losing my toe comes from my post-century ride in 2007 and the resulting toenail issues.

It's less than 24 hours from race start and the adrenalin is starting to flow.  And a few nerves too.  I headed to the expo at 4p (the expo ran from 3p - 8p) to pick up packets for myself, Jeff, and Zac.  I perused the goodies and found a Fuel Belt pouch that is the perfect addition to my Fuel Belt.  My complaint has been that I've needed a second, larger pouch and fewer bottle holders, and now I have it.  I tried not to look too much since I'll probably be back after my half marathon is over and before the 5k starts.  I ended up with a freebie cold pack too.

My outfit for tomorrow is finally chosen:

The only common pieces from last year are the shoes, Fuel Belt, and iPod.  I didn't think any bad karma remained on last year's outfit; with it being a little chillier than last year I chose not to wear a tank.  I just noticed that my Garmin Forerunner is missing from the photo; it was busy charging.

And speaking of weather, here's the forecast:

Overnight low of 47ºF.  High tomorrow of 72ºF with a 20% chance of precipitation for the day.  Sunrise is at 6:04a.  The temperature at 7:00a is supposed to be 51ºF and at 10:00a is 62ºF with no predicted precipitation in those hours.  In one word - awesome.

Since it's supposed to be super sunny, I decided to forgo a black shirt.  And without all the heat, I'm leaving the visor behind too.  No need to add unnecessary weight.

I'm done eating for the evening and will finish out the night with a few more glasses of water.  I'm thinking I'll be in bed and asleep by 9:00p and up by 5:00a, but I'll have to listen to my body to see how that feels.

That's it for tonight.  I'll post again after my race.

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