Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yikes! Less Than 3 Months

An email to what was the start of our Ragnar team:

Ladies! I've come up for air for a moment to say "I haven't forgotten about the team!". Work has been unkind to my personal/social life and is taking up too much of my attention.

We currently have three runners who have paid and are registered for their legs on the Ragnar site:

Jane Cannata
Chrisie Roberts

So that means we'll all be running twelve legs (ah haha... that's not really funny...). If you can't find the Paypal invoice, my address, or the Ragnar link to get yourself registered, please let me know and I'll resend.

Starting August 19th, the volunteer positions will open up. I know of two people whose arms will be twisted to help out there, so we'll need one more person to round out the volunteer brigade.

We should ideally have two non-runner drivers, and if someone(s) is/are photographically talented, let's get them in each van to capture the fun and ugly of this run. I'm sure there will be some priceless moments in there.

Theme! One idea that was floated was the "Bond Girls". Let's brainstorm some additional ideas and take a vote. We'll need outfits and van designs at a minimum. If someone would like to take care in this area, let me know.

That's enough of the scatterbrain thoughts running through my head. Be poking your friends and family and let's get this team assembled!

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