Friday, August 16, 2013

48 Days Until Ragnar

And as the team grew:


We are just 48 days away from Ragnar, and we only have five runners fully registered, so everyone needs to turn to the crazy lady next to them and recruit them onto our team. I've continued to put feelers out using the Ragnar site, so hopefully I'll get a few more people to bite. If recruiting continues to go slow, I may have to open the field and start asking guys to join us (nooooo!).

I've seen a few Ragner-related emails come out from the organizers, so I'll sit down in the next couple of days, digest that information, and pass on the important bits. Volunteer slots open on the 19th, so if you know someone willing to spend a few hours helping out the race, send me their email and I'll add their name to the list.

So that's the quick note for today. Those in the "To" line are the ladies currently on the team, and those on the "Cc" are those I want to add to the "To" line. Let's go ladies!

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